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Tax debt concerns for the self-employed

The employment landscape is changing in Canada, as well as in the rest of the world. In the past, self-employed workers were quite rare, but nearly 3 million people in Canada work for themselves. According to some reports, 45% of Canadians could be self-employed by 2020. This increase could be due to the difficult job […]


Better than a loan?

Bank loans, payday loans via the Internet, overdraft limit – borrowing money has never been so easy. However, the large selection of financial products and easy access mean that we do not always know which solution is best for us. The credit products market is very developed and highly competitive with us. Lenders are outdoing […]


Will online loans help pay off maintenance?

June 30, 2017 If all outstanding maintenance had been recovered, there would have been no poor children in Poland. The maintenance debt amounts to approximately PLN 11 billion. Nearly 200,000 debtors are registered in the KRD. This number is more than three times the capacity of the National Stadium in Warsaw. Since June 2017, a […]


When does a resident not have to pay back debt?

September 21, 2017 The number of guarantors is decreasing year by year. According to the Credit Information Bureau, there were 572 thousand in 2014. In 2016, the number of residents decreased by 200,000. Holding a loan or credit card involves a lot of responsibility. The guarantor is jointly and severally liable with the principal debtor […]


Loans against loans in practice

A person who needs cash has a lot to choose from. In addition to banks, there are also non-bank companies on the market that, in addition to traditional ones, also offer secured loans. What are these products and how do they work? In fact, the financial product, which is a secured loan, includes several different […]


Cost of the second – non-free payday loan

Second loan with the possibility of obtaining a higher amount People using the services of loan companies probably pointed out that non-bank institutions allow their regular customers to apply for higher amounts than for those who decide to pay for the first time. Considering credit risk, loan institutions impose certain restrictions on new customers, while […]

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