‘No weapons’ found, deputy’s body camera shows moments after couple were shot in the back by tribal hunting officer

FORT DUCHESNE, Utah – Newly released body camera video reveals how law enforcement found no weapons on a couple who were shot in the back by an Ute Tribe Fish and Wildlife officer.

The incident happened July 17 near Jenkins Park in Uinta Canyon. Body camera video posted on KSL.com shows a Duchesne County Sheriff’s Deputy arriving at the scene after the shooting.

The Tribal Game Officer can be heard on the video saying, “They got away from me side by side…and eventually took off. I turned around, I went back down, that’s when he, in front of me, got shot and she got shot.

When the deputy points a finger and asks the tribal officer if the man and woman were both shot by her, she replies “yes”.

The deputy is also heard on camera saying the scene was secure and ‘there are no weapons here at all’.

The FBI office in Salt Lake City released a statement to KSL.com, stating that “Two non-tribal individuals were shot and killed by a Ute Indian Tribe Fish and Wildlife officer following a UTV incident on tribal land. two individuals have been transported to different hospitals. The FBI has taken over the investigation. No further details will be released at this time.”

They said the man and woman were first taken to a hospital in Colorado to be treated for their injuries. The FBI could not release information about the current status of the couples and declined to release additional information about the tribal hunting officer.

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