10 Best Movies and TV Shows That Feature Olivia Rodrigo’s Music

Season 3 of the musical high school series is over, and while the show will return with a fourth season, audiences must say goodbye to Olivia Rodrigo’s character, Nini (per People).

This news is bittersweet as Rodrigo has been a tremendous asset to the cast, and he will be sad to see her go. But it means she will have more time to focus on her music career which has exploded over the past two years. Any singer knows they’ve made it big when popular shows and movies start featuring their music, and that’s the case with Rodrigo.


10/10 Gossip Girl – Treacherous and Brutal

The 2021 revival of Gossip Girl centers on a new group of teenagers and their teachers who use social media to destroy themselves. Gossip Girl tackles several sensitive topics, including a sexual assault case involving a famous singer and Julien’s father. Julien asks the artist not to come forward, and Rodrigo’s “Traitor” begins to play.

The show combines elements of the song with character movements and bursts of emotion. “Traitor” was a brilliant song choice, as the desperate lyrics and melody are able to convey the brevity of the situation. The show then featured “Brutal” in the Season 1 finale, also a great song choice for the episode.

9/10 Devil in Ohio – Good 4 U

Devil in Ohio is a horror thriller about a girl who escapes a cult and the oblivious psychiatrist who takes her in. The first episode of this book-movie miniseries opens with Mae trying to take a turn to escape the area and the dire situation she finds herself in. During the pilot, a car passes in front of his “good 4 u” of Rodrigo.

The inclusion of this song provides an odd juxtaposition to the startling opening scene. Only a few lines of the song can be heard, but it seems deliberate that they chose the lines they did. “Good for you. You look happy and healthy. Not me, if you ever wanted to ask” might be exactly what Mae thinks of the driver passing her. She’s neither happy nor healthy, but the driver just doesn’t care.

8/10 Revenge – Brutal

Revenge is a Netflix teen movie starring Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke. It’s full of twists, turns, and several awesome pop culture references. The start of this film sees Drea (Mendes) stabbed in the back by her friends and boyfriend when a nude video of her is leaked online. “Brutal” plays on stage as Camila collapses in her bedroom.

“Brutal” is the perfect song for Take Revenge. Rodrigo’s track is about the horrors of life and people’s cruelty to each other. Whereas Revenge is a highly dramatized depiction of high school and the high life, Rodrigo’s song remains relevant to the overall theme of the film.

7/10 One of us is lying – Brutal & Good 4 U

Based on a series of books by Karen M. McManus, one of us is lying follows four teenagers at Bayview High and the aftermath of an unlovable peer dying in their presence.

The fifth episode opens with Rodrigo’s “Brutal” as Addy walks down the school hallway debuting a new haircut. In the sixth episode, “good 4 u” plays Homecoming when the Bayview 4 decide to embrace their classmates’ stares and dance like they have no worries in the world. Both songs are well used in the context of their respective scenes. The teenage angst present in both his music and the show fits well together.

6/10 HSMTMTS – Miscellaneous Songs

When the musical high school spin-off series was announced, there was a lot of trepidation from fans. Today, it’s hard to imagine the world without this show, as it’s arguably what launched Rodrigo’s musical career.

Rodrigo plays Nini in the show. Aware of his talent, the producers asked him to compose some original songs for his character to perform. As a result, she wrote “All I Want”, “The Rose Song” and co-wrote “Just A Moment” with Joshua Bassett, the actor who plays Nini’s love interest. In a show filled to the brim with musical numbers, Rodrigo’s songs always stand out. The lyrics and songwriting are so brilliant that it’s no wonder Rodrigo is so successful.

5/10 Driving Home 2 U Sour Movie – Miscellaneous

Drive home 2 U is a musical documentary that gives fans a glimpse into what happened in Rodrigo’s songwriting process for his debut album. The film follows Rodrigo and his crew as they stop multiple times on a trip from Utah to Los Angeles to perform his songs in obscure locations. His rendition of “Traitor” in particular, is fascinating.

She takes the time to play every musical instrument in the song and loop it into a recording that she then sings to. Each performance in Drive home 2 U does something special like this to intrigue fans who have heard these songs hundreds of times before.

4/10 Super Pumped – Brutal

super pumped is a biographical drama that explores the genesis of Uber and the deception that led to making the company what it is today.

An Apple executive asks Travis Kalanick why the percentage of women leaving the company is so high. Susan Fowler enters the frame, and as “Brutal” begins to play, she explains to the audience that the high attrition rate may have something to do with the constant sexual harassment they face within the company. The use of Rodrigo’s song here is to show how brutal the environment is and to signify the badass nature of Susan’s character.

3/10 The Summer I Got Pretty – Brutal & 1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back

Based on a book by Jenny Han, The summer when I became pretty follows Belly as she and her family take their annual summer trip to Cousins. This particular summer is made up of love, heartbreak, and everything in between. The pilot for this Prime Original series includes both “Brutal” and “1 step forward, 3 steps back”. The former plays when the guys are fighting at the bonfire, while the latter plays near the end of the episode as their chaotic first night in “Cousins” comes to an end.

“Brutal” has made a mark on pop culture, as it is the most played song in movies and on television. According PeopleReturn home 2 U documentary on Disney+ revealed that “Brutal” was written on a whim in 24 hours simply because Rodrigo wanted to include another upbeat track. There’s no way she could have known her pulse would create this generation’s fight song. As for “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back”, it’s a beautiful song that deserves more credit than it gets.

2/10 Saturday Night Live – Driver’s License

Saturday Night Live is famous for its parodies and parodies. After a month of Olivia’s debut single topping the charts every day, the variety show featured it in a sketch.

A group of guys are in a bar when Régé-Jean Page puts on “Driver’s License” by Rodrigo. Rather than poke fun at it, they embrace the emotion of the song in a wholesome and hilarious skit. The episode aired on Olivia’s birthday. She expressed her shock and thanks at the sketch on Twitter, calling it “the best birthday present ever”. When her music continued to gain popularity, she was invited to the show as a musical guest in the penultimate episode of the season.

1/10 RuPaul’s Drag Race – Good 4 U

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a 26-time Emmy Award-winning reality television show. Several drag queens compete to win a big cash prize and gain recognition for their craft.

In this Season 14 episode, DeJa, Jorgeous, and Daya face off for safety in a drag race lip-sync battle with Rodrigo’s “good 4 U”. Only one person can advance, so the stakes are high. This moment in the episode is always stressful, for viewers and contestants alike. This song is perfect for releasing anger, and that’s exactly what the eventual winner of the challenge does. Daya states during a confessional that “the song is about being pissed off, so I could really tap into that.”

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