10 Best Survival Reality TV Shows

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Although it has come a long way since primitive times, society is still obsessed with the act of survival. This may be due to our fascination with individuals who can survive in harsh places, or perhaps our morbid curiosity drives us to watch people brave nature. Whatever the reason, survival reality TV has become a staple of today’s culture. And in addition to being entertained, you also learn to endure if you get caught up in a life or death situation. So here are the top 10 survival reality TV shows that could save your life one day.

ten. Out of the Wild: The Alaskan Experience

Following volunteers from urban areas, Out of the Wild: The Alaskan Experience is a test of endurance and tenacity, as nine ordinary Americans travel 60 miles in the harshest conditions while battling fatigue, hunger, and the unforgiving Alaskan winter. Together they must use their skills to survive and make it out alive. The show divides the contestants into those who can cut it and those who can’t and are forced to discover their limits and call home.

It accurately describes what it would be like to be stuck with others in a hostile situation.

9. Survive the disaster

Survive the disaster is a simulation of real disaster situations and shows how to survive a disaster such as bioterrorism, a plane hijacking or even a nuclear attack. In it, Cade Courtley, a former Navy SEAL and former TV host of the TV show combat missions, does a great job of telling the different storylines. Each episode features him with a group of individuals who have thrown themselves into a disaster situation. Courtley then counsels these people when they’re going through some of the worst-case scenarios.

It’s a surprisingly well-informed show and accurately portrays the theme of survival. It shows that with a little preparation and the ability to stay calm, an ordinary crisis can survive. So, be sure to watch this show because it might save your life one day.

8. The colony

The premise of The colony follows a group of 10 volunteers who, for three months, must engage in a controlled experiment to test the concept of rebuilding civilization after a catastrophic disaster. They have to take care of many aspects of sustainable living, including water, electricity, security and food, while also being featured with events such as actors playing the role of a group of looters brutal. Each volunteer comes from a different background and expertise and represents a representative sample of modern society. The show also benefits from the contribution of experts in psychology, security and technology.

Since the volunteers are so immersed in the situation, the emotions are real to them, or as real as they can be in a completely artificial situation. This show likes to remind you that at any moment the world as we know it can come to an end.

seven. Dual Survival

Meet army-trained Dave Canterbury and naturalist Cody Lundin. These two are survival experts trained with very different methods of surviving in the wild. Together they are thrust into scenarios that could happen to anyone: stranded at sea, lost on a hike, or stranded climbing a mountain. Equipped with minimal gear, they must draw on their survival experience to find ways to survive and demonstrate how to stay alive in a life or death situation.

The show is quite enjoyable, with Canterbury and Lundin clashing head-to-head due to their differing survival tactics. Watching it is fun and entertaining, and most importantly, you learn how to survive.

6. Alone

In this series, 10 survival experts try to survive alone in the wild and the winner gets $500,000. They can only bring what fits in a backpack, and alone in the harsh and unforgiving terrain they must hunt, build shelters, and deter predators while documenting the experience. They are isolated from each other and all other humans and can strike at any time. The seasons were filmed in various remote locations, including Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and Mongolia. It is a test of will and determination.

It can be considered one of the most real survival reality shows out there, and the contestants have to face the consequences of their actions. You’ll learn a thing or two while enjoying this gripping series.

5. Male, Female, Wild

Husband and wife duo Myke, a former US Army Special Forces survival expert, and Ruth, a TV reporter, travel to different locations on Earth to demonstrate how to survive in harsh conditions. The series focuses on Myke teaching Ruth various survival skills such as starting a fire, locating water sources, and eating non-traditional foods such as insects and wild plants.

It’s a great show, with just the right amount of enthusiasm and energy and none of the absurdity that characterizes other survival shows. He’s upbeat and offers a lot of fantastic advice not found in other shows. Plus, the dynamic between Myke and Ruth is hilarious, as they often butt heads on the field.

4. Run wild with Bear Grylls

British adventurer Bear Grylls pushes big-name celebrities to their limits in outdoor adventures. In each episode, Bear brings in a different star for something new, including skydiving in the Catskill Mountains and climbing the cliffs of Utah. Notable celebrities include Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Ben Stiller, and Kate Hudson. It’s based on the same survival concept as the rest of Bear’s shows, such as Man vs. Wild.

It’s a fan favorite, as there are an abundance of fun moments, as well as exciting ones. With the esteemed Bear Grylls and his guests (or victims, depending on how you look at it), there are some hilarious reactions to the survival scenarios they face.

3. Naked and scared XL

12 amateur survivalists are tested when they must survive in the wild for 40 days with nothing but primitive tools. They receive no food, water, or clothing, and each contestant is only allowed to bring two items of their choice. They must hunt and harvest what they need to survive until extraction day. Any cast member can choose to opt out at any time.

Considering it contains one of the most exciting formulas for survival shows, it’s one of the most well-known and beloved. You won’t be able to look away from this guilty pleasure series.

2. Survivor

Without food, shelter or water, survivalist Les Stroud must survive alone in the wild for seven days. He places himself in unique situations and, with each challenge, shows how one can survive until rescued. Not only does he have to stay for a week, but he has to do it while filming everything himself and dragging around 50 pounds of camera gear.

With helpful advice and wry humor, Stroud documents his struggles overcoming obstacles in climates such as the coastal rainforest of Rican, the swamps of Georgia and the Arctic ice floes.

1. Man against Nature

Probably the best-known survival reality TV series, Man against Nature follows Bear Grylls as he travels the world seeking challenges to his survival skills. He goes to the most dangerous places and tourist environments to show how to survive there.

He has great tips for coping with nature and his enthusiastic nature makes the show a pleasure to watch. If you need proof, he’s been known to eat bear poo to survive. That’s dedication!

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