BYU grad shows off rainbow pride colors in gown during graduation

PROVO, Utah – A Brigham Young University graduate’s posts are going viral on social media after she showed off her handmade pride dress at her graduation ceremony on Friday.

Jillian Orr sewed the rainbow flag inside her graduation gown before taking the stage and showing the colors to the crowd as she received her honors. She posted on her personal Facebook page that she was showing her community her true colors.

“It’s hard to be gay at BYU,” she said. “I didn’t know I identified as bisexual until halfway through.”

Orr feared that the university would revoke his degree if anyone found out about his sexuality.

“Today I took a chance and messaged other students,” the Facebook post said. ” You can do it too ! Be authentic, courageous and shameless!

The TikTok post showing her sowing the rainbow flag, a symbol common to the LGBTQ community, and revealing it to the crowd has over a million views on the platform.

In the TikTok, she claims BYU students could face “serious consequences” if the school finds out they were in a same-sex relationship because of the university’s honor code.

In other videos, she explains why she went ahead with her enrollment in the school and shared other views on college.

@jillianoreo Luckily I didn’t have to rely on my sewing skills for this. #byugraduation #byu #lgbtq #lgbt🌈 #pride2022 #justice #sistersarethebest #collegegraduate #exmo #exmormon ♬ How you like that – BLACKPINK

BYU declined to comment for this story.

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