Finding the Denver Broncos: Devin Lloyd | LB | Utah


  • Height: 6 feet 3 inches
  • Lester: 237 pounds
  • Arms: 33 inches
  • Hands: 9-1/2 inches

Combine results

  • 40 yard dash: 4.66 seconds
  • Bench press (225 lbs): 25 repetitions
  • Vertical jump: 35 inches
  • Long jump : 126 inches



  • Great versatility to play multiple schemes and roles.
  • Does a good job of keeping eyes in the backfield.
  • Can be a defensive weapon in the top seven.
  • Good gust to continue outside.
  • Strong and physical, steps forward to meet the ball carrier in the hole.
  • No doubt about his physique.
  • Play with good aggression and don’t overdo it.
  • Has good technique with his upper body to slide and unravel.
  • Showed good hands as a pass thrower to keep blockers away from him.
  • Very effective when used as a sleight of hand.
  • A leader on and off the pitch.
  • Excellent conditioning and his game does not diminish as the game progresses.
  • Showed that he is not a liability when it comes to coverage although he has displayed some issues.
  • Good athletics.

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The inconvenients

  • Needs to improve his footwork and could loosen up his hips when doing cover work.
  • Needs better discipline in pursuit.
  • Questionable angles sometimes.
  • Needs to improve body control when working from sideline to sideline.
  • Missed 34 total tackles in his career.
  • Lacks a natural feel to go with the flow.
  • Must learn to play with his pads lower.
  • Needs to improve his block recognition as he will often make bad reads.
  • Struggles most to find his way in zone concepts.
  • He will have to do a better job of achieving balance and proper technique when playing in space.


Devin Lloyd was considered the top linebacker entering the NFL Draft cycle in 2022 and he has held that spot ever since. He had a good performance in the Combine, not only with the sports tests, but also with the positional exercises. However, with his traits, it’s no surprise that he did well in this environment.

Most of Lloyd’s concerns relate to either his readings or repeatable situations outside of the game. His issues reading blocking concepts as they develop will be an even bigger problem in the NFL. With the NFL being faster and more athletic, Lloyd won’t have the excuses he had in college.

Lloyd’s versatility is elite with what he can bring as a pass thrower. There are some similarities to Dallas’ Micah Parsons, and the initial use of both of these linebackers should be similar. However, Lloyd needs to be used in a way where he doesn’t have to think, so he can just go out and be instinctive.

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Ride with the Broncos

The Denver Broncos are still looking for help at linebacker. However, Lloyd is most likely out of their reach as they sit with the 64th pick overall. So if the Broncos want more linebacker help, they’ll probably have to look elsewhere.

If the Broncos still had the ninth overall pick, Lloyd would be more of an option. But instead, he’s poised to make the top 20 due to his versatility. For Denver, he would be an interesting fit with what he brings to the table versus what the other linebackers on the team bring.

The most important factor would be deciding what type of linebacker the Broncos are looking for. That would be the ultimate deciding factor in whether Lloyd is truly a fit.

Lloyd’s best position would be a hybrid role the Broncos would consider moving Baron Browning to. With the way the moment has passed, you wonder if the Broncos were interested in Lloyd for this role before trading for Russell Wilson, as Browning’s alleged change in position happened afterwards.

To note: Start/middle of round 1

Where he’s going : Start/middle of round 1

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