New shows and first dates

The return of quantum leap and more reboots

Almost 30 years after his death, quantum leap (NBC, September 19) returns with a new team capable of making history. Raymond Lee and Ernie Hudson, 76, stars.

A sequel to Ron Howard’s 1988 fantasy feature of the same name still stars 52-year-old Warwick Davis as the titular wizard in willow (Disney+, November 30), set 20 years after the original.

Pitch Perfect: Bumpers in Berlin (Peacock, November 23) has Adam Devine reprising his character Bumper Allen from the Perfect films, in which he travels to Germany, where his songs become hits.

The Best Man: The Last Chapters (Peacock, December 22) extends the film series, bringing back the cast which includes Morris Chestnut (53), Melissa De Sousa (54), Taye Diggs (51), Regina Hall (51) and Terrence Howard (53 year).

The True Love Boat (CBS, Oct. 5) revamps the former romance anthology series into a reality show to navigate alongside Bachelor in Paradise (ABC, September 27).

To restart (Hulu, September 20) is also the name of a new comedy about the reboot process. Steven Levitan of modern family brings the TV insider jokes with a cast that includes Keegan-Michael Key (51), Johnny Knoxville (51), Judy Greer, Rachel Bloom and Paul Reiser (66).

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