Surveillance video shows brash burglar breaking into store front and stealing high-end e-bikes

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – A bike shop in southern Jordan wants people on the alert for electric mountain bikes that were stolen early Saturday morning.

These are not cheap bikes. The thief smashed a van through the glass doors and was gone within two minutes.

Plywood now covers the glass entrance where the thief entered Hangar 15 Bicycles on Redwood Road at 3.15am on Saturday morning. The operations manager estimated that the break-in caused $50,000 in damage to the building and another $50,000 in stolen bikes.

“He just drove it clean through the front of the building through two of our sliding glass doors,” said Kenny Charles, operations manager for Hangar 15 Bicycles.

Surveillance video showed the thief entering the store’s parking lot, slowly taking a loop, then lining up with the door about 30 feet from the glass doors and stopping. He got out of the truck, approached to take a look around the store, then returned to the truck and sped into the building. He crashed in the showroom in a black Ford F250 or F350 truck.

“It actually seems quite surprising that he had a dog in the car with him,” Charles said. “It was a guy who had just thrown e-bikes in the back of a truck. They’re not exactly light, and he was just throwing them in the back of this van. So I’m sure they were quite damaged.

He stole five electric mountain bikes: Specialized Levos ranging in price from $6,000 to $15,000.

“It rides a bit like a regular bicycle,” the manager said. “It’s really intuitive to drive. It will be very sweet. That’s why it’s a popular and highly sought-after bike.

According to the surveillance video timeline, the burglar entered and exited the store within two minutes.

“The guy, on his way out, knocked over a bunch of bikes. There was glass and stuff everywhere,” Charles said.

A dozen bicycles are seriously damaged. The store manager thinks it’s probably a stolen truck, and the police say it’s likely.

“Bikes are only getting more expensive,” Charles said. “Unfortunately, they are quite easy to physically steal. So I think that’s why people are drawn to them.

Call the South Jordan Police if you know anything about this burglary or recognize anything about the suspect.

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