Systemic racism? Democrats Prefer to Hire Elite White College Graduates, Report Says

Democratic campaign officials are “disproportionately white elite college graduates,” NBC reported Wednesday.

According to data collected by Swarthmore College sociologist Daniel Laurison, nearly 70% of Democratic staffers, including 80% of communications staff, are white, and more than 90% of Democratic political professionals have college degrees. . Nearly 40% of party staff went to Ivy League universities and other elite schools.

In contrast, 61% of the general population is white, two-thirds have not gone to college, and only 4% have attended elite universities.

Laurison’s report comes as Democrats have embraced far-left rhetoric about “white privilege” and “systemic racism.” The Biden administration, for example, has pushed “diversity, equity and inclusion” measures that view equality as inadequate to address “systemic racism.”

If Democratic campaigns “were more like the people they’re trying to reach, they would be more effective at reaching those people,” Laurison said.

However, Democrats have been increasingly ineffective in reaching out to minority voters. A walk the wall street journal a poll found Hispanic voters support Republicans over Democrats by 9 points, while black voter support for Democrats has dropped 21 points since November 2021.

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