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Each year, when the Emmy nominations are announced, they not only bring to mind worthy shows from this year, but those from the past as well. As a television critic, you have to see the good, the bad and the ugly. But sometimes you come across something great. And when that happens, you realize the power of this little illuminated box to thrill and inspire.

So, I’ve found my 10 favorite TV shows of all time. These are all personal choices and are based on this criterion: Was this a show I couldn’t WAIT for the next episode? Dozens of TV shows from the past have proven exemplary, and narrowing them down to 10 is an agonizing task. At the end of the list, I would like to hear your choices. So, in no particular order, here are my 10 favorites:

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kAm“$6D2>6 $EC66E” – E96 62C=J J62CD]!q$’D “$6D2>6 $EC66E” 3@F89E 2 4@>A=6E6=J ?6H 2?5 4C62E:G6 H2J E@ :?EC@5F46 E96 D>2== 7CJ E@ E96:C pqrD 2?5 `abD]p36EE65 3J y:> w6?D@?’D H9:>D:42= |FAA6ED[ :E H2D 2 D9@H E92E 6G6? E96 8C@H?FAD 4@F=5 6?;@J H:E9 :>28:?2E:G6 492C24E6CD =:<6 |:DD !:88J[ z6C>:E E96 uC@8[ q6CE 2?5 tC?:6[ 2?5 %96 r@F?E =625:?8 E96 H2J]k^am

kAm“x[ r=2F5:FD]” %9:DE:>6=6DD “|2DE6CA:646 %962EC6” D6C:6D 49C@?:4=65 E96 8:>AJ[ DEFEE6C:?8 r=2F5:FD[ H9@ 7@F?5 9:>D6=7 E96 F?6IA64E65 t>A6C@C @7 E96 #@>2? t>A:C6 2>:5DE EC62496C@FD A@=:E:42= A=@ED] !@:D@?:?8D[ DE233:?8D[ :?46DE[ 25F=E6CJ[ 36EC2J2=[ D6I – H92E >@C6 4@F=5 J@F 2D< 7C@> 2 4=2DD:4 32D65 @? #@36CE vC2G6D’ EH@ ?@G6=Dn p== E9:D 962565 3J E96 :?4@>A2C23=6 s6C6< y24@3: 2D E96 DE2>>6C:?8 r=2F5:FD] xE’D E96 36DE 6G6C]k^Am

kAm“|J $@r2==65 {:76]” %9:D pqr D6C:6D 7@==@H65 E96 52:=J =:76 @7 2 E66?286 8:C= E9C@ F89 2== E96 D6=75@F3E[ 96D:E2?4J 2?5 2?8DE E92E 2 J@F?8 8:C= 766=D] r=2:C6 s2?6D 2D E96:?EC@DA64E:G6 p?86=2 r92D6:D DFCC@F?565 3J 2 4=:BF6 @7 4@=@C7F= 2?5 5:DE :?4E:G6 7C:6?5D :?4=F5:?8 2 82J A2= H2J 367@C6 :E H2D 4@@= E@ 36 :?4=FD:G6]rC62E@C (:? ?:6 w@=K>2?42AEFC65 E96 2>3:2?46 @7 E96 9:89 D49@@= ?6E96CH@C=5 6G6?36EE6C E92?!2F= u6:8 2?5 yF55 pA2E@H 5:5 H:E9 “uC62

kAm“%96 r:G:= (2C]” z6?qFC?D’?:?6 6A:D@56D 23@FE E96 28@?:K:?8 4@?7=:4E 36EH66?3C @E96CD E92E 492?865 @FC ?2E:@?D6E ?6H DE2?52C5D 7@C 5@4F>6?E2C:6D]qFC?D 925 4C62E65 D6C:6D 367@C6 2?5 92D D:? 46 3FE ?6G6C BF:E6 E@F4965 E96 >6=2?49@=JD@F= @7 p>6C:42 E96 H2J E9:D 5:5]&E:=:K:?8 E96 C2C6 AC @4665D 7C@> 62C=J A9@E@8C2A9J[ 492C24E6CD A@CEC2J65 3J @FC 36DE 24E@CD[ 2?5 2 ?2CC2E:G6 567E=J 567:?65 3J HC:E6CD v6@77C6J r] (2C5 2?5 #:4 qFC?D[ E9:D C6>2:?D 2 D6C:6D 23@FE @FC 9:DE@CJ E92E 4@?E:?F6D E@ >2<6 9:DE@CJ]k^am

kAm“x {@G6 {F4J]” %96 4C:E6C:@? 96C6 7@C 4@>65J H2D[ 5:5 :E >2<6 >6 =2F89 @FE =@F5n p?5 “{F4J” 2=H2JD 5:5] x?6G6C H2E4965 2? 6A:D@56 @7 E96 D9@H E92E 5:5?’E C2EE=6 E96 7F??J 3@?6]~E96C D:E4@>D H6C6 2>FD:?8[ 6?E6CE2:?:?8[ 6G6? D2E:C:4[ 3FE {F4:==6 q2== H2D ;FDE A=2:? 7F??J H:E9 96C 4=@H?=:<6 56=:G6CJ 2?5 A6CA6EF2= 82776D],k^am

kAm“#@@ED]” %9:D >:?:D6C:6D[ 32D65 @? p=6I w2=6J’D 3@@< “#@@EDi E96 $282 @7 2? p>6C:42? u2>:=J[” H2D DF49 2 9:E E92E A=F>3:?8 H6?E D@FE9 5FC:?8 :ED 4@>>6C4:2=D 😕 4:E:6D 24C@DD E96 ?2E:@?] %96 DE@CJ @7 zF?E2 z:?E6’D 28@?:K:?8 ;@FC?6J 7C@> 9:D 9@>6 😕 v2>3:2 E@ D=2G6CJ 2?5 42AE:G:EJ:? E96 &?:E65 $E2E6D :?EC@5F465 2 D=:46 @7p>6C:42? 9:DE@CJ E92E 925 ?@E 366? E@=5 2D 567:?:E:G6=J 367@C6 @? E6=6G:D:@?]{6’2C qFCE@? — DE:== 2 DEF56?E 2E &$r — A=2J65 E96 J@F?8 z:?E6[ y@9? p>@D A@CEC2J65 E96 25F=E[ 2?5 E96J H6C6 DFCC@F?565 3J 5:DE:?4E:G6 492C24E6CD A@CEC2J65 3J {@F:D v@DD6EE yC][ q6? ‘6C66? 2?5 t5 pD?6C] %96 D4C:AE 3J w2=6J 2?5 y2>6D {66

kAm“s625H@@5]” %9:D H2D 2 4=2DD:4 H6DE6C ? 😕 6G6CJ D6?D6 @7 E96 H@C5]}@E @?=J 5:5 :EA@CEC2J E96 2FE96?E:4[ D4C233=6 E@H? @7 s625H@@5[ :E 5:5 :E 😕 s2G:5 |:=49’D :2>3:4 A6?E2>6E6C] q62FE:7F==J HC:EE6 ?[ E96 D282 762EFC65 x2? |4$92?6 2D E96 D4FCC:=@FD D2=@@? <66A6C p= $H62C6?86?[ !@H6CD q@@E9 2D 9:D ?6>6D:D 2?5 2 C@== 42== 7F== @7 723F=@FD 492C24E6C 24E@CD] “s625H@@5” D9@H65 9@H E96 (6DE H2D C62==JH@? E9C@F89 8C:E[ AC@72?:EJ[ =2H=6DD?6DD 2?5 8C665]k^am

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kAm“qC62<: q25 x e9:d u2fde:2 e2="6" h6="=">62?:?8 72>:=J >2?[ E9:?<:?8 96’D DF776C:?8 7C@> 42?46C[ D6==D 9:D D@F= E@ E96 56G:=] (6 H2E49 2D (2=E6C (9:E6 D=@H=J 56G@=G6D :?E@ 6G:=[ 4@@<:?8 FA 4CJDE2= >6E9 H:E9 9:D 6CC2E:4 A2CE?6C[ y6DD6 !:?<>2? W3C:==:2?E=J A=2J65 3J p2C@? !2F=X] (9:E6’D:?E6==:86?46 D6CG65 9:> H6== 2D 9:D 6?E6CAC:D6 A=F?865 9:>:?E@ E96 F?56CH@C= 5 @7 @C82?:K65 4C:>6 2?5 >6E2DE2D:K:?8 6G:=]rC62E65 2?5 AC@5F465 3J ‘:?46 v:==:82?[ H9@ D2H @?6 @7 9:D >:?@C 492C24E6CD[ $2F= v@@5>2?[ :?96C:E 9:D @H? D6C:6D[ “q6EE6C r2== $2F=]”k ^ Am

kAmxEVD E@CEFC6 E@ 92G6 E@ =62G6 @FE H@?56C7F= D9@HD =:6 o{66{F2: ?6]k^Am

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kAmxE’D 92C5 E@ 36=:6G6 3FE “|25 |6?” 😀 46=63C2E:?8 :ED `dE9 J62C[ 2?5 p|rZ 😀 DEC62>:?8 2== D6G6? D62D@?D @7 E96 255:4E:?8 D9@H ?@H] %96 DE@CJ 7@==@HD 2 8C@FA @7 4@>A6E:E:G6 2?5 D@>6E:>6D CFE9=6DD 25G6CE:D:?8 H:ED 😕 E96 `he_D H9@D6 A6CD@?2= =:G6D @7E6? :?ECF56@? E96:CH@C> 2D E96 AC@E28@?:DE 2?5 t=:D236E9 #@DD 2D E96 =@?6 76>2=6 D42=:?8 E96 =2556C H:E9 96C >2=6 4 @= =628F6D]#@DD[ H9@ H6?E @? E@ DE2C 😕 wF=F’D DFA6C A@AF=2C “%96 w2?5>2:5’D %2=6[” E6==D >6 D96 5@6D?’E E9:?< D96’D 4FE @FE 7@C 2 hE@d ;@3]k^am

kAm“x 5@?’E E9:?6E9:?8 6G6CJ 52J[” D96 D2JD] “x E9: <:e x=":<6" e e9:>6?E]x =:6 2D =@?8 2D:E’D?@E 3@ C:?8[ x’> E@E2==J 92AAJ] x =:2? ?2EFC6 2?5 9F>2? 6>@E:@? 2?5 H9J A6@A=6 5@ H92E E96J 5@[ 2?5 x =:<6 86EE:?8 E@ 49@@D6 36EH66? A=2J:?8 D@>6E9:?8 E96 H2J x H@F=5 5@ :E @C E96 H2J D@>6@?6 6=D6 >:89E C624E E@ E92E D:EF2E:@?] x =:6E9:?8]”k^Am

kAmQu@C6?D:4 u:=6DQ 25G2?46D @? $F?52Jk^Am

kAmu2?D @7 “u@C6?D:4 u:=6D[” H9:49 2:CD @? w{}[ H:== 36 A=62D65 E@ : FE6 5C2>2D 7@==@H C62= >FC56C 42D6D H9:49 25G2?46D: ? 7@C6?D:4 D4:6?46 92D 96=A65 E@ D@=G6]%96 @C:8:?2= D6C:6D H6?E @77 E96 2:C:? a_“ C6EFC?65:? a_a_ H:E9 ?6H 6A:D@56D ECF6 E@ E96 @C:8:?2= 7@C>2E]$:?46 E96? E96C6 92G6 366? 6?@C>@FD 5:D4@G6C:6D:? E96 7:6=5]u2?D 42? 42E49 2 >2C2E9@? @7 E96 62C=:6C 6A:D@56D @? $F?52J]%9@D6 @C:8:?2=D H6C6 236EE65 3J E96 5F=46E E@?6D @7 !6E6C %9@>2D H9@ ?2CC2E65 E96 D9@HF?E:= 9:D562E9:? a_`e]q:== r2>A W36DE @H? 2D |C]$92:36= 7C@> “%96 “F66?’D v2>3:E”XE@@2D’ 562E9]k^Am

kAm#@E9 A=2JD >6?246:? ?6H 7:=>k^Am

kAm%:> #@E9[ H9@ 92D A=2J65 6G6CJE9:?8 7C@> sFE49 $49F=EK E@ ‘:?46?E ‘2? v@89 😀 DE2CC:?8 2D E96 A@DD:3=6 >6?246 😕 “#6DFCC64E:@?[” 2 7:=> E92E 9:ED E962E6CD @? uC:52J 2?5 H:== 36 @?56>2?5 pF8] d]w6 4@DE2CD H:E9 #636442 w2== H9@ A=2JD 2 H@>2 ? H9@D6 =:76 😀 4@>7@CE23=6 2?5 @C56C=JF?E:= D96’D 4@?7C@?E65 3J 2 A6CD@? 7C@> 96C A2DE W#@E9X]k^Am

kAm#@E9 25>:ED 96 7:?5D 4C62E:G6 A6@A=6 2 =:EE=6 “@77]” “|@DE @7 2CE:DED x C6DA64E 2C6 4C2KJ[” 96 D2JD[ “7C@> A2:?E6CD E@ >FD:4:2?D E@ 7:=>>2<6CD — 24C@DD E96 3@2C5 2C6 86?6C2==J BF:E6 >25] (96? H6 H6C6 A=2J:?8′:?46?E W’2? v@89X x D2H 9:> 2D 2 4C@DD 36EH66? r9C:DE 2?5 $:5′:4:@ FDj D@>6@?6 J@F H6C6 5C2H?E@ 3FE 4@F=5?’E DA6?5 >@C6 E92?7:G6>:?FE6D H:E9 E96>]%96J’5 5C:G6 J@F :?D2?6]p ?F>36C @7 7:=>>2 E96 @FED:56[ E96J’5 =@@< 4C2KJ]”k ^ Am


kAmW{F2:?6 {66:D 2 r2=:7@C?:232D65 4@CC6DA@?56?E H9@ 4@G6CD 6?E6CE2:?>6?E 7@C %C: 3F ?6 }6HD $6CG:46]Xk^Am

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