Visitors enjoying the warm southern Utah weather

HURRICANE, Utah (ABC4) – Temperatures reached 70 degrees Friday in southern Utah and rangers at Sand Hollow State Park expect it to get busy quickly.

“There’s about a 20 to 30 degree difference, it’s nice to get a tan and not be so cakey,” says Jackqueline Pina visiting Salt Lake City.

“Our campground doesn’t open until 4pm, so we’ll hit the beach in Sand Hollow for a bit, then head there and hang out mostly in Zion, not doing too much, probably Angel’s Landing.” said Seth Betras visiting from Ogden.

Zion National Park hit a record number of visits in 2021, and Sand Hollow State Park was also ranked number one of the most visited parks in the state last year, according to Utah officials. .

“People go out swimming, the water is a little cold, but they don’t care, it’s hot,” says Dylan Urban, ranger.

There’s never a dull moment in Sand Hollow, park rangers say there were a few incidents on Friday.

“Make sure you keep your distance from other boaters, stay spread out. Speed ​​and proximity are a big deal, don’t drink or boat and always wear your life jacket,” says Urban.

Urban says it’s also important to plan ahead as they expect to hit capacity most weekends this summer.

“If you’re planning on camping, be sure to make your reservations months in advance because we fill up very quickly,” he says.

Visitors and park rangers say get out and enjoy the weather, but remember to stay safe.

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