Weather Utah, flash floods, rain in Utah



SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) – Hello! This rain yesterday was triggered by a build-up of thunderstorms and then we really saw them falling for us creating all of these concerns about flooding and flooding issues.

This is why we expect to see another round of storms again. We still have this same energy in addition to the humidity we get from the monsoon. We will see a warm up and then, even towards the end of the week, we are starting to receive the return of the windy and windy conditions.

We expect the rain to cool us down a bit.

We expect to see flash flood potential for southern and central Utah, we have high potential in a few areas including Capitol Reef. Over the course of the afternoon and evening we would expect to see storms really appear in parts of eastern Utah and then again a little more widespread as this energy continues to move. to the east.

As we end the day this is where we start to see rain on Tuesday, it lingers over parts of the higher elevation around the Utah / Colorado border.


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